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Mail and Mailbox defaults

  • Primary account with mailbox (default for staff)
    • CERN mailbox, can be deleted (external address defined)
    • CERN address
    • Can add aliases
  • Primary account without mailbox (default for non-staff)
    • No CERN mailbox, can be created (external address removed)
    • External address
    • Can add aliases
  • Secondary account
    • No mailbox
    • CERN addresses <secondary-login> and <secondary-login>
    • Mail routed to primary account
  • Service account
    • CERN mailbox
    • Mail addresses <service-login> and <service-login>
    • Can add aliases
    • Configured by default to forward to primary account

Created: 5/13/2024
Last reviewed: 11/4/2022
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