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Externals and USERS registration


Registration of Externals and USERS are done exactly the same as before, through the usual HR / AIS interfaces (e.g. PIE application, User Office, etc.).

Account Availability

Once the registration above is complete, the CERN Account will be created automatically within the hour (the synchronization occurs on the hour).
After the next hour:00 has passed, the user can call the ServiceDesk to activate the account and obtain his/her credentials.

Note: The newcomer's Supervisor, Team Leader and some Group Administrators (with special rights) can also activate the account, print or email the account activation information sheet and provide it to the newcomer. This can be used, for example, for a remote user who is not at CERN.

Computing E-Group add

Once the registration above is complete, the new user can be added to the appropriate Computing E-Group by using his fullname or PersonID, there is no need to wait for the CERN Account to be activated.

Created: 2/5/2024
Last reviewed: 11/4/2022
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