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Special account operations

The operations listed in this section can be performed but are not shown in the tasks list as they require an intervention from the Service Desk.
If you need to perform any of these operations, write an email to the Service Desk explaining what you need.

Renaming a Primary Account

Primary accounts have a name that is generated automatically, trying some combinations of first name and last name and choosing the first one that is available.
If you should not be satisfied with the account name that was generated for you, you can ask for it to be changed within one week after the first activation of your account.

If you want your Primary account to be renamed, please write to the Service Desk specifying:

  • Your Primary Account name (the one you want to change)
  • The reason why you want it to be changed
  • One or more alternative names (note that the new account name must not already be in use)

Please note that with this operation your account will not be actually renamed, instead a new one will be created, and the current one will be deleted, so backup any documents, mail messages and folders you might need before asking for the change.

Changing an account type from Secondary to Service (and viceversa)

If one of your accounts that was imported into the new Account Management system as Secondary account should actually be a Service account, or if you created an account with the wrong type by mistake (and it's too late to delete it and create another), please write to the Service Desk specifying:

  • The name of the account whose type you want to change
  • The reason why you want it to be changed

Created: 2/23/2017
Last reviewed: 2/23/2017
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