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About requests

Some of the operations that you can perform on your accounts and resources must be approved either by an administrator or by another user. For example:

  • When you re-assign one of your service accounts to someone else, the new owner must approve.
  • When you delete one of your Oracle accounts, a DBA must approve.
  • When you create a DB-on-demand, an administrator must approve.
  • Members of some computing groups require approval from the computing group administrators to create a new account. See Special Approvals for Account Creation for details.

Whenever you perform an operation that must be approved, the Account Management system generates a new request. You can see these requests clicking on the "Requests" tab, or on the "Request" link from the home page.

Clicking on the "Requests" tab, or on the "Request" link from the home page, you will access a page listing the requests that you created and the requests that

Mail notifications

You will receive an email notification whenever

  • there is a new request that requires your approval
  • a request, requiring approval, that was created by you was accepted or rejected

Special case: automatic approval of a request requiring authorization

Please note that if you perform an operation that requires authorization and you are among the approvers of the associated request, the request is automatically approved.

This could happen, for example, if you are an administrator of one of the Computing Groups enforcing approval for new accounts creation and you create an account for yourself.

Created: 5/13/2024
Last reviewed: 11/4/2022
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