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How to Delete a Computing Group (or Merge Two Groups)

If the administrators of a Computing Group decide that the group is no longer needed, it is possible to delete the group.

To ensure that the members of the group maintain their access to Linux and AFS services, the group shall be merged with another.

What will happen

Please note that the accounts of the members of the group will NOT be deleted.

The accounts of the members of the group will have their GID changed to that of the new group. This will not cause any problem, except in the very specific case of permissions assigned directly on the base of the group GID.


To delete the computing group gr-old and merge it with the group gr-new:

  • Add all the members of gr-old to gr-new.
    • If you are not an administrator of gr-new, contact the administrators of the new group (the mail address should be in the form
  • Inform the members of the group that they should change their primary computing group, by editing the settings of the LXPLUS and Linux service from the CERN Resources Portal (direct link:
  • Once all users have changed their primary group to the new one, contact the

Created: 5/13/2024
Last reviewed: 11/4/2022
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